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[Introduction to DirectX.11 Game Programming]. Beginning.DirectX.11. Game. Programming. Wendy. Jones. Text Version [Learning Library www.xuexi111. com].

Introduction to DX11 Game Programming (Chinese Version).

DirectX It is an application program interface set (APIs) that can be used to control hardware. Different components can access different hardware, including graphics (graphics card), sound (sound card), GPU, input devices, and
All standard interfaces (such as game joysticks, mice, etc.).

DirectX10 v. s. DirectX9.

Using on graphics hardware programmable shader Replace previous Fixed function pipeline .

Shaders allow us to create any special effects, with the only limitation being the frame rate in the game. Use lighting. It can even perform the pixel based blur operation and depth domain you want.

If we need to represent bump textures (bump maps), we can write pixel shaders to guide the direction of light, use them to perform calculations, and load a special image called a normal map in the pixel level surface direction, combined to render the final color of the pixel.

DirectX11 v. s. DirectX10.

Direct3D 11 is built on top of Direct3D 10.1, more like an enhanced version of DirectX10.1 than an upgrade from the main version of DirectX9 to DirectX10.

New features:

Using the new API component DirectCompute in GPU Updoing Universal computing
True support Multithread Render
New hardware based Subdivision surface technology Tessellation Shader Model 5.0 and Adding Shaders Concept of object-oriented programming
BC6 and BC7 of HDR and LDR images Texture compression
Enhanced textures texture resolution rate.

The DirectX API is divided into multiple components, each responding only to one aspect of the system.

Direct2D assembly.

DirectWrite Component: rendering of fonts and text.

DXGI assembly.

Direct3D Component: Build all 3D graphics. It is the most noticed and frequently updated API.

XAudio2 Component: Low level audio processing API.

XACT3 Component: Advanced audio processing built on top of XAudio2.

XInput Component: Input Control API Section.

XNA Math Component: Mathematical library for optimizing operations.

DirectCompute Component: - Allow GPU to perform general multithreaded computing.

DirectSetup Component: Install the latest version of the DirectX runtime function on the user's computer.

Windows Games Explorer: Game Manager; Allow developers to showcase their games on the OS.

DirectInput Component: Detects input from keyboard, mouse, and game joystick.

Obsolete Obsolete DirectX Component: DirectDraw Components, DirectPlay Components, DirectShow Components, DirectMusic Components, DirectSound Components.